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May, 2021 Virtual Zoom Meeting: Jean Allen-Ikeson – “Sarcochilus and How to Get Them to Bloom”

Jean Allen-Ikeson – “Sarcochilus – and How to Get Them to Bloom”
Virtual Zoom Meeting

Next Virtual Zoom Meeting: May 3, 2021

portrait of Jean-Allen Ikeson
Jean Allen-Ikeson

Jean Allen-Ikeson is an accredited AOS judge, National Education Coordinator for Judging, Chair of the Editorial Board and was recently honored with the Silver Medal of the AOS. She grows a mixed collection of orchids in a greenhouse about an hour north of Niagara Falls. Jean has published numerous articles in Orchids magazine including authoring the Supplement to Orchids in 2011 on Sarcochilus.

Sarco. hartmanii - ©2009 Greg Allikas
Sarco. hartmanii – ©2009 Greg Allikas

Jean’s talk will provide a bit of background into this popular small-growing genus and provides information on how to grow and bloom them! Hint: they are related to vandas and phals.

According to the American Orchid Society, the genus Sarcochilus is widespread through much of Southeast Asia and south to Australia. The attractive, flowering plants of this genus make handsome specimens. When Robert Brown first described the genus in 1810, he combined 2 Greek words, sarcos (flesh) and cheilos (lip), to describe the fleshy lips. While there have been more than 150 names published in this genus, the World Monocot Checklist currently recognizes only 25 of them as distinct species, many of them formerly scattered among several genera.

Sarcochilus species are mostly epiphytic, although some grow on rocks and others might be classified as semiterrestrial. The growth of true Sarchochilus species resembles that of a miniature Vanda species although clumps are often formed.

The Virtual Show Table will be back, so please don’t forget to send Carol Butcher your photos by Sunday, May 2nd. We’ll see you online!

Watch for an upcoming email: the GROS is making available small Sarcochilus hybrids for $1.00 each to the first 30 members in good standing (paid up dues); Carol Butcher will be letting us know how and when these plants will be available. There may also be additional seedlings available for purchase by club members.