Entering Your Plants in GROS Club Exhibit

How to Register Your Orchids for the GROS Exhibit

If you have a few, or only one, plant in bloom for the show, you can still exhibit it without setting up your own display. You can put it in the GROS display. The steps to do this are simple:

  1. Get the Datasheet for Plant Registration form. The form is available on the GROS Show Webpage.
  2. Fill out the form with your plant information.
  3. Send the form back to the Registrars as shown here.  
  4. Bring the plants to the RMSC Eisenhart Auditorium on Thursday, March 22nd between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  5. Get your assigned plant numbers from the Registration desk.
  6. Tape the correct number to each plant.
  7. Write a label for each plant; remove any other identifying labels.
  8. Place the plant in the area reserved for the GROS exhibit.

Our registration staff is hoping that everyone preregisters. It is easier to delete plants form your list on the day of the show, than it is to add plants. So you can register everything that might be in bloom and later delete the ones that don’t make it.

For only a few plants, you can register the plants during show setup, though, instead of before. There will be people to help you.

Registration closes at 6pm sharp, so you must bring your plant at 5pm if you don’t preregister. If you have preregistered, you can bring your plant as late as 5:30pm.

Please help Gretchen Beaver and Dave Weiss set up a good exhibit by entering your plants on time. They can’t set up the exhibit until all the plants are present.

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