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June, 2020 Meeting: Virtual Zoom Meeting – “Life on the Rocks: The World of Rupicolous Orchids”

“Life on the Rocks: The World of Rupicolous Orchids”
Virtual Zoom Meeting – June 8, 2020 at 7:30 PM

photo of rupicolous orchid species, Cattleya esalqueana
GNU Public License: Orchi / CC BY-SA (

The GROS is adapting to our current pandemic environment. Although we all look forward to the camaraderie and beautiful orchid plants we’ve become accustomed to experiencing at our regular meetings, we’re going to soldier on for now with a virtual meeting for June.

The presenter will be Ron Kaufman, who will discuss “Life on the Rocks: The World of Rupicolous Orchids”. Ron is Ph.D, Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, and Professor of Environmental and Ocean Sciences, at the University of San Diego. He also chairs the San Diego County Orchid Society Conservation Committee and serves on the board of the Orchid Digest. He is one of the board members for the Orchid Conservation Alliance.

Ron’s presentation will explore the habits and habitats of orchids that grow on rocks, emphasizing Brazilian sites. He has traveled extensively to view orchids in the wild in South America, and has a large collection in a greenhouse at home and in his yard. His scientific work includes studies in Antarctic and deep-sea ecosystems as well as marine communities in coastal Southern California. The honorarium that GROS will provide for this program will be donated to the Orchid Conservation Alliance.

A link to this meeting, and instructions on how to sign in will be emailed to our members shortly.