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December, 2020 Virtual Zoom Meeting – Alan Koch/Gold Country Orchids – “Cattleya’s 365, 24/7”

Alan Koch: “Cattleyas 365, 24/7”
Virtual Zoom Meeting – Dec. 7, 2020 at 7:30 PM

photo of Alan Koch of Gold Country orchids
Alan Koch of Gold Country Orchids

Our friend Alan Koch of Gold Country Orchids will host our next Zoom meeting, discussing “”Cattleyas 365, 24/7.” Get the knowledge on how to build a collection that will flower all year long and how to grow them. Learn the species that have been used by hybridizers for years to control bloom time. Alan’s talk is adapted to our local climate!

Alan Koch owns and operates Gold Country Orchids in Lincoln, CA, where he specializes in miniature and compact Cattleyas. Alan started growing orchids in 1969 with 3 Cymbidiums given to him by an aunt. While in college he became interested in other orchids and discovered many would grow outdoors in Southern California. He has moved five times as his orchid obsession has led to the need for more growing space. With the last move, he purchased 10 acres of land in Lincoln, California for his 250,000 orchids. He is recognized as an expert in the Brazilian Cattleya alliance and a trend setter in miniature compact and Cattleya breeding. Alan has been published in the Orchid Digest, the American Orchid Society magazine, as well as in many international publications. He has also been published in several proceedings of the World Orchid Conference. He is an internationally known speaker, a past member of the AOS Judging Committee and AOS Research Committee, as well as being an Accredited Judge. Alan is also Training Coordinator for the California Sierra Nevada Judging Center. He served two terms on the Orchid Digest Executive Committee and 3 terms on the Board of Directors, as well as two terms as a Trustee for the AOS.

The GROS is currently trying to assess interest in a group order from Gold Country Orchids. Carol Butcher is coordinating. We have a copy of Gold Country’s sales list available for download here. Please note that Alan is offering us a discount of 20% + free shipping if our club order exceeds $150 – that’s quite a good deal!