First Ladies and their Cattleyas

Art Chadwick: First Ladies and Their Cattleyas

Next Meeting: Monday, May 9th, 2022 at the JCC – 6:30 p.m.

photo oforchid Blc. Laura Bush, clone First Lady

Blc. Laura Bush ‘First Lady’, photo © Chadwick Orchids

After our very successful Spring Show, the GROS leaps into Spring with a visit from Art Chadwick of Chadwick & Son Orchids of Richmond, VA.

Art will present, “First Ladies and Their Cattleyas,” the subject of the soon-to-be-published book he authored with his father. Art will explore the 100+ year history of US First Ladies and the Cattleya hybrids that bear their names. The lineage of these plants provides an overview of the diverse family of Cattleya species that exist in nature as well as an inside look at the renowned growers around the world who played a role in creating these enduring legacies. Included are the fascinating stories of the actual flower presentations, many of which involved the Chadwicks.

Chadwick & Son Orchids Inc. was founded in 1989 by long time orchid hobbyist Art A. Chadwick, his wife, Anne, and their son, Arthur E. Chadwick.

The early success of the company can be traced to Art Sr., who had been growing orchids since 1945, and provided invaluable cultural and hybridizing experience. His many Cattleya hybrids adorn the pages of orchid magazines worldwide and he continues to be a regular feature writer for the American Orchid Society.

Art will bring with him orchids to sell, and his current book “The Classic Cattleyas” – 2nd Edition. He can also take preorders of his upcoming book, “First Ladies and their Cattleyas: A Century of Namesake Orchids”, due for release later this Spring. If members would like to look at Chadwick’s website and place special Cattleya orders for Art to bring with him to the meeting, please wait for your email from the GROS as to how to arrange this.

The Show Table will be back – so don’t forget to bring your flowering orchids. We’ll see you there!

Please note: Because our speaker is bringing plants to sell at the meeting, members may not bring in their own orchids for sale or trade.

In-person Meeting:
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