April, 2021 Virtual Zoom Meeting: Peter T. Lin – “Mini-Catts: Delightful Cattleyas in Miniature”

Peter T. Lin – “Mini-Catts: Delightful Cattleyas in Miniature”
Virtual Zoom Meeting

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photo of Peter T. Lin
Peter T. Lin of Diamond Orchids in his greenhouse

Join us at our April Zoom meeting as Peter T. Lin of Diamond Orchids in California visits us virtually here on the North Coast. Peter will discuss “Mini-Catts: Delightful Cattleyas in Miniature”. The journey will begin with a review of the miniature species, early hybrids, and then to some of the relevant hybrids of today. He will also review how to grow these wonderful plants.

As described in the July 2000 issue of Orchids magazine, “while the interest in miniature cattleyas that arose some 20 years ago has blossomed into a major commercial sector, it is by no means a new area of orchid breeding. The hybridizing history (includes) four species: Sophronitis coccinea, Laelia pumila, Cattleya walkeriana and Cattleya aclandiae. In each case, they were commonly used as parents between 1860 and 1930 and then rarely used again until 1960. With the large-flowered cattleyas and laelias, the pattern of hybridizing was one of continuous use from the beginning of orchid hybridizing to the present.”

Peter started growing orchids over 35 years ago, but then stopped due to school and starting a career. It wasn’t until about 15 years ago that the orchid “bug” came back and he is now heavily involved once again! He is an accredited judge with the American Orchid Society, and a hybridizer of mini-catts. He enjoys meeting with other orchid enthusiasts, and can often be found at various orchid shows and societies around the country.

Due to limited growing space, Peter likes to specialize in miniature orchids, both species and hybrids, and has received numerous AOS awards. His interests in orchids include Dendrobiums, Angraecoids, and Neofinetias. He is also known as “Mr Sophronitis” as he has a passion for growing and collecting them. He maintains a collection of a thousand or more orchids at his home in Southern California in 3 small greenhouses, outdoors, as well as an offsite greenhouse.

Peter has graciously offered a 10% discount on orders for all GROS members if you mention the club when ordering from his website. Members can access his latest lists on that site – Peter T. Lin – Diamond Orchids. Please note: we may be able to do a group order – which would offer some additional savings on shipping costs – if there is sufficient interest. Please contact Carol Butcher if you’d like to join in on a group oder from Diamond Orchids.

The Virtual Show Table will be back, so please don’t forget to send Carol Butcher your photos by Sunday, April 4th. We’ll see you online!