Next Meeting: May 8, 2017 – The Real Miltonias

Linda Wilhelm of Woodland Orchids in Charlotte, NC will present the “The Real Miltonias” at our May meeting. Linda will give us an idea of what Miltonias really are after all the nomenclature changes of recent years.


Miltonia spectabilis species orchid,
photo ©Phil Matt.

She and her husband have been growing and hybridizing orchids for many years. Linda started growing orchids in 1980 after a vacation in Florida. After meeting Rolf in 1985, the orchid “addiction” became severe when he, too, became involved. When the hobby got out of hand and developed into a serious passion, the Wilhelms started their business, Woodland Orchids.

When first starting, they specialized in breeding warm tolerant Oncidiinae but as is often the case, their interest changed and now their main breeding efforts are miniature and compact cattleya hybrids. They also breed a number of different species and have made some wonderful Stanhopea hybrids.

An Accredited Judge with the AOS, Linda is very active in the judging program, having served in various positions with the Carolinas Judging Center including the job of the Training Coordinator, 5 years as the Chair of the Center and six years as a Trustee for the American Orchid Society. She enjoys being involved in shows outside her region, including offshore shows in Central America and the islands. She is a frequent guest speaker at orchid societies all over the USA as well as having lectured in Brazil, Trinidad, Barbados and Guatemala.

Linda will be bringing plants for sale; however, with such a large catalog of high quality plants, it is recommended that you pre-order for plants you know you want. You can preview the orchids on the Woodland Orchids website. Preorders must be received no later than May 2nd. For preorders you will not have to pay for shipping!

We will be taking Linda to dinner at 5 p.m. prior to the meeting at Mamasan’s. If you are interested in joining us (everyone pays for his or her own dinner) please they should contact Kim Hober via our Contact page or phone her at 383-1994.

As Linda will be bringing plants to sell at the meeting, members may not bring in their own plants to sell.

Beginner’s Meeting (Orchids 101) “Pot and Take a Cymbidium Seedling” – All members in attendance will have the opportinuty to pot up and take home a Cymbidium seedling.

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