Glen Decker – “Paphiopedilums & Their Differences”

Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 4th 2018

photo of Paph. acmodontum, species from the Philippines
Paph. acmodontum, species from the Philippines, ©Glen Decker

It’s been a pretty hot summer, and most of us have spent a lot of time watering our orchids! Hard to fathom, but summer will eventually come to an end, and with the cooler weather, inevitably comes a new orchid season at the GROS.

We’ll kick off our new schedule with Glen Decker, proprietor of Piping Rock Orchids in Galway, NY. His topic will be “Paphiopedilums and their Differences”. It will be an overview of the different sections within the Genus Paphiopedilum, discussing the differences in their culture. At least half the talk is on culture, which will benefit all orchid growers, beginner to expert. Everyone will walk out with at least something new – that they didn’t know before.

Glen will be bringing plants to sell at the meeting, and pre-ordering will be available for members interested in having Glen bring specific plants. You may visit the Piping Rock Orchids website to see what’s available. You can contact Glen by using the Piping Rock contact form, or by calling him.

We will be taking Glen to dinner prior to the meeting; watch this space for details. The Show Table will be back, so please don’t forget your flowering plants. As usual, the Beginner’s Meeting (Orchids 101) will start at 6:00 p.m., the main meeting begins at 7:15 p.m. We’ll see you there!

Orchids 101 – Tuesday 4th, 2018

Topic: “TBA” The Beginners’ Meeting will start at 6:00 p.m. in the Yiddish Center Room at the JCC.

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