February, 2021 Virtual Zoom Meeting – “New Color Forms of Phalaenopsis Species” – Norman Fang

Norman Fang:
“New Color Forms of Phalaenopsis Species”
Virtual Zoom Meeting – Monday, Feb.8, 2021 at 6:30 PM

portrait of Norman Fang, owner of Norman's Orchids
Norman Fang, owner of Norman’s Orchids

Norman Fang is the owner of Norman’s Orchids, located in Montclair, CA. Even before 1988, when he received his degree in Ornamental Horticulture from California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, Norman was already immersed in orchids. While still a student, he managed the Raymond Burr Orchid Collection on campus. Two scholarships to study plant tissue culture also allowed him to study under Dr. Murashige at the University of California and Dr. Tanabe at the University of Hawaii.

In 1986, Norman started his renowned nursery, Norman’s Orchids, based in both California and Taiwan. His parents, brother and sister soon joined him in the company as it grew, and he wisely was the first to secure the domain name of www.orchids.com. Exhibiting at shows across the US, he has received more than 400 American Orchid Society flower quality awards and 20 AOS Show Trophies. In addition, he was honored in 2005 with the Distinguished Alumni Award from the School of Agriculture at Cal Poly in Pomona.

Norman has traveled around the world to judge orchid shows, from Asia to South Africa, from Canada to South America. In 1996, with Paul Bechtel, he initiated AOS Judging at the Taiwan International Orchid Show and since then has served as the AOS Judging Coordinator for the show. He has also long served as the AOS Representative for the Taiwan Orchid Growers Association.

As a former Vice President of the American Orchid Society and having also chaired their Development Committee, he is currently serving on their Public Relations Committee. In addition to these AOS volunteer activities, he’s a Founding Member and Regional Director of the International Phalaenopsis Alliance, currently celebrating its 25th year!

As an active member of several affiliated societies, Norman is a sought-after guest speaker for society meetings, shows and conferences. He generously supports Judging Centers, societies and the AOS with generous financial, scholarship and plant donations.

Our Virtual Show Table will be back! Please send your Show Table photos to Carol Butcher no later than Sunday night Feb.7 to give Carol enough time to set up the show. You can our previous Show Table presentation here on the site. So, grab a beverage of your choice and join us for another evening of orchids.

Meeting schedule:

  • 6:00 PM Fran Murphy: “Beginners’ Meeting” (20 minutes or so) – very short AOS webinars on “Divide or Repot Your Orchid, When to Repot an Orchid, Repotting a Cattleya Orchid. Followed by discussion.
  • 6:30 PM Plant discussion/social time
  • 7:00 PM Business meeting
  • 7:30 PM Program
  • 8:30PM Show Table

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