Next Meeting: Monday January 8, 2018

Bill Renick – Growing in Orchidariums & Wardian Cases

Growing orchids on a windowsill in Rochester can be challenging. One options is to build a greenhouse, but you need the yard space, building permits and for many of our towns, your neighbor’s blessing. Also, you might finding heating the greenhouse in the winter is on the expensive side. Another option is to build growing space in your basement – but it’s probably full of “stuff”. A third option that goes all the way back to the mid 1800’s, is to use an Orchidarium or Wardian Case. Today’s Orchidariums can be as simple as the original Wardian case or as fancy as a high tech work of art. For January’s meeting, Bill will be showing you how to build your own Orchidarium, including some of the various options and equipment you might need.

Bill Renick’s first adventure into growing orchids was in the mid 90’s when he was given a Jewel Orchid -and he didn’t even know that its true name was Ludisia discolor. Much to his surprise, the orchid thrived in an office environment and rewarded him with blooms before the year was out. It was not until he moved back to Rochester in the early 2000s that Bill decided it was time to become a better orchid grower, and he joined GROS. Since then, he has tried to grow many different orchids in a windowsill environment with supplemental lighting. For the past 2½ years, he has included Orchidariums in his growing methods. His current collection of orchids starts with Angraecums and ends with Vandas. Bill is an active GROS member, having previously served on the Society’s Board. He is currently the leader of Orchids 101.

As Bill will also be leading the Orchids 101 meeting on January 8, there will be no pre-meeting dinner.

Orchids 101 – JCC Yiddish Center room, 6 p.m.

Topic: Light Levels and Supplementing Light, presented by Bill Renick.

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