Glen Decker – “My Life with Slippers”

Glen Decker – “My Life with Slippers”

Next Meeting: Monday, September 13th 2021

photo of Glen Decker holding Phrag. kovachii
Glen Decker with Phragmipedium kovachii

It’s been a pretty hot summer, and most of us have spent a lot of time watering our orchids – and, oddly enough, also watching the heavy rainstorms as they pound us with downpours of nearly bibilical proportions! Hard to fathom, but summer will eventually come to an end, and with the cooler weather, inevitably comes a new orchid season at the GROS. After what seems like an eternity of Zoom “get-togethers”, our Society is finally going to be able to meet in person again.

We’ll kick off our new schedule with Glen Decker, a long-time exhibitor and vendor at our Spring shows. Formerly the owner of Piping Rock Orchids, Glen has been growing orchids for over 40 years, and holds the degree of Associate in Applied Science in Ornamental Horticulture. He was the previous chair of the American Orchid Society’s Publications Committee and a past Director of the Orchid Digest Corporation.

Glen has won numerous AOS awards, including the Butterworth Prize, Nax Trophy, WW Wilson Award and the Carlyle A. Luer Award. He has appeared in Martha Stewart’s Better Living Magazine and on a PBS TV special “Orchid Delirium”. He rewrote the Slipper section of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s “The Best Orchids for Indoors” and was the technical editor for the “Orchids for Dummies” book. He also has written many articles on Paphiopedilums and Phragmipedium, which have been published worldwide.

His presentation, “My Life with Slippers,” Glen’s my journey to see slipper orchids around the world, including Peru, Ecuador, and through Europe, and the things that he has learned about growing them in the process. The lecture will include some history, travel, culture and stories about the people within our obsession.

Prior to the meeting, we will be taking Glen to dinner – details TBA. The Show Table will be back live and “in person” after more than a year of what were, in retrospect, pretty impressive online Tables creatively assembled by Carol Butcher. So please don’t forget your flowering plants. We’ll see you there!

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