Next Meeting: Monday, March 6, 2017

Leon Glicenstein – “A Few Habenarias”

Noted orchidist and photographer Leon Glicenstein will be here in March to present “A Few Habenarias”. His presentation will cover this genus of “bog orchids”, one with a worldwide distribution of about 800-1000 species. Native to every continent except Antarctica, Habenarias grow in both tropical and temperate climates.

leon glicenstein portrait

Leon was assistant to the curator of orchids – Carl Withner – at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens from 1957 to 1960. He then worked as a plant breeder for five years at Linda Vista S.A. in Costa Rica, where he photographed, in the wild, approximately 80% of the then known orchid species of that country. Leon also found new species such as the eponymously-named Telipogon glicensteinii, Macroclinium glicensteinii, Pterichis leo and Lepanthes glicensteinii.

Leon has photographed many of the orchids in the Northeastern United States, Florida, and all of the orchids in California, where he located some taxa not formerly known to exist there. As a respected lecturer, has given numerous conservation-oriented programs both nationally and internationally, showing orchids growing in their native habitats.

Mr. Glicenstein has advanced degrees in Chemistry and Horticulture, with an emphasis on plant breeding, cytology, and cytogenetics. As a breeder, as well as a grower of orchids at Hoosier Orchid Company, Leon specialized in working with members of the Pleruothalidae, Zygopetalinae, Gongorinae, Angraecoid, Jewel and Painted-leaf orchids, as well as with other orchids. Since the demise of Hoosier Orchid Company, Leon has been consulting with other orchid companies on growing orchids from seed.

A strong conservationist, Leon was a past chairperson of the American Orchid Societies Conservation Committee, and has been a member of this committee for decades. He represented the AOS at the international conservation meeting in Costa Rica in 2007. In 2013 Leon was elected to the position of “Fellow of the American Orchid Society” for “… outstanding contributions to conservation, hybridizing, and the educational advancement of the Orchidaceae” [AOS’s words], an honor given to only nine other people since the inception of the American Orchid Society.

We will be taking Leon to Mamasan’s Restaurant, 2800 Monroe Avenue, for dinner before the meeting. Please call, 383-1994, or email Kim Hober, if you wish to participate. Dinner will start at 5:00 p.m.Leon will not be bringing plants for sale, so other members can bring plants to sell at the March meeting.

No Beginners Meeting – GROS Library Book Sale! March 6th, 2017 – 6:30 p.m.

Pursuant to plans decided upon at the last two GROS meetings, we have separated out the beginner/picture books from the GROS Library. These will be put on sale at the March 6, 2017 meeting for members to buy. The Beginners’ Meeting will be canceled for the month of March. Bill Renick, however, will be at the sale to answer questions, discuss individual orchid problems, etc. The books that do not sell on March 6 will be sold at our annual Orchid Show in April.

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