September, 2020 Virtual Zoom Meeting – “Oncidium Types and their Culture” with Linda Wilhelm

“Oncidium Types and Their Culture”
Virtual Zoom Meeting – Sept. 14, 2020 at 7:00 PM logo

Our friend Linda Wilhelm will present “Oncidium Types and Their Culture.” Sayeth the AOS: “Linda Wilhelm, before orchids, worked as a chemist and textile colorist. Putting that boring life behind her, she and her husband Rolf opened Woodland Orchids in 1989, specializing in hybridizing of the Oncidium Alliance, compact and miniature Cattleyas and Stanhopeas. Linda purchased her first orchid in 1978, a small Cattleya seedling. She figured that if she didn’t kill it, she would go on to bigger and better things. The orchid thrived and so did the passion.

photo of Oncsa. Gold Medal 'Dion' AM/AOS©Phil Matt - All Rights Reserved
Oncsa. Gold Medal ‘Dion’ AM/AOS, Best of Oncidium Alliance, GROS 2013 Spring Show. Grower: Main Street Orchids. Photo:©Phil Matt – All Rights Reserved

Currently President of the NC Piedmont Orchid Society in Charlotte, NC; she has been an active member of the society for 30 years. Linda first joined the American Orchid Society judging program in 1995. An accredited Judge, she served 5 years as chair of the Carolinas Judging Center and is again the training coordinator for the student and associate judges. Linda describes her relationship to the AOS Judging Program as “I want to help our new judges to be the best they can be”. Initially, Linda started her service to the AOS as a member of the Technology Taskforce. She went on to serve as a Trustee for 6 years. She travels frequently to judge off-shore shows including lots of trips to Guatemala. She also lectures to orchid societies across the country as well as having spoken at shows in Brazil, Guatemala, Barbados and Haiti.”

Although Linda does not sell plants, she is planning to provide the GROS membership with an online vendor, where we can purchase plants and receive a special group discount. Details will be posted here as they become available.

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